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Voice of the People is the first immersion pack for the grand strategy game Victoria 3, released in May 2023 alongside patch 1.3. Here's a breakdown of its features:

Focus on Political Agitation:

  • Agitators: Over 60 historical figures like revolutionaries, reformers, and reactionaries become involved in your nation's politics. These Agitators (also known as Historical Characters) push their agendas, forcing you to react and potentially face political crises.

  • Special Interactions: You can interact with these Agitators in special ways, influencing their goals and the impact they have on your country.

Enhanced Immersion:

  • Dramatic Historical Events: The pack focuses on the political struggles of the 19th century, immersing you in events reminiscent of that era.

  • New Art Assets: Fresh visual elements likely depicting characters and events are included in the DLC.

Overall, Voice of the People aims to make Victoria 3's political landscape more dynamic and engaging by introducing influential historical figures and the movements they represent.

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