Weedcraft Inc + Moonshine Inc + Big Pharma - Chemistry Tycoons Bundle Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One [Digital Code] Argentina

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The Weedcraft Inc + Moonshine Inc + Big Pharma - Chemistry Tycoons Bundle combines three captivating tycoon games that offer a unique blend of strategy, business management, and intriguing narratives set in the worlds of cannabis cultivation, moonshine production, and pharmaceutical development.

Weedcraft Inc

Dive into the complexities of the American marijuana industry in Weedcraft Inc, a game that explores the financial, political, and cultural aspects of this controversial yet promising plant. Manage every aspect of your budding cannabis empire, from cultivating high-quality strains to establishing distribution channels and building relationships with influential figures.

Moonshine Inc

Embark on a journey into the world of moonshine production in Moonshine Inc, a story-rich management game that challenges you to craft exceptional spirits like moonshine, brandy, whisky, and vodka. Master the art of fermentation, distillation, and flavor blending to create unique and sought-after brews that will captivate your clientele.

Big Pharma

Venture into the world of pharmaceutical research and development in Big Pharma, a game where scientific innovation meets cutthroat business tactics. Lead your pharmaceutical company from humble beginnings to global prominence, navigating the complexities of research, production, marketing, and regulatory compliance.

With the Chemistry Tycoons Bundle, you'll gain access to these three immersive games, each offering a distinct gameplay experience and delving into fascinating real-world industries. Whether you're passionate about cannabis culture, intrigued by the allure of moonshine, or fascinated by the world of pharmaceuticals, this bundle provides endless opportunities for strategic management, business growth, and decision-making challenges.

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