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XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro is a software program designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords stored in your web browsers. Here's a closer look at its functionalities and potential drawbacks:


  • Password Recovery: The program claims to retrieve passwords from various popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and more (advertised to support over 75 browsers).
  • Backup and Export: It can reportedly generate reports of your recovered passwords in different formats like HTML, CSV, XML, JSON, and SQLite database format, allowing you to back them up for future reference.
  • Command Line Support: An advertised feature for advanced users is the inclusion of a command-line version, enabling integration with scripts or programs for password management automation.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Security Concerns: Recovering passwords requires access to sensitive information stored in your browser. There's a potential risk if the software itself is not secure or has vulnerabilities. It's important to ensure you download the program from the official source (if it's legitimate) and exercise caution with any software requesting access to your passwords.
  • Limited Information: While the software boasts various features, independent reviews are scarce, making it difficult to verify its effectiveness and claims.
  • Alternatives: Modern browsers often have built-in password management features that allow you to export your passwords in a secure manner. Additionally, there are many reputable password manager applications available that offer more robust security features.


XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro might seem like a convenient solution for recovering forgotten passwords. However, due to security concerns and the lack of readily available reviews, it's advisable to proceed with caution. Consider exploring the built-in password management features of your browser or opting for a trustworthy password manager application with a strong reputation for security.

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