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Alisa: Developer's Cut, released February 6, 2024, is a horror-themed action-adventure game that pays homage to classic 90s 3D titles. Here are some of its key features:


    • Genre: Action-adventure with puzzle-solving elements.
    • Combat: Features a variety of unique weapons and customizable outfits, each affecting combat style and abilities.
    • Exploration: Navigate a mysterious, Victorian-style mansion filled with puzzles and secrets.
    • Throwback experience: Captures the look and feel of classic 3D games with fixed camera angles and tank controls (optional modern control scheme available).
    • Accessibility: Includes modernized features like multiple control layouts and optional auto-aim assist.

Story and Setting:

    • Intriguing premise: Play as Alisa, an elite agent trapped in a bizarre mansion after chasing a notorious thief.
    • Horror atmosphere: Suspenseful story with creepy environments and enemies.
    • Fantasy world: Inspired by the 1920s with a fantastical twist.

Additional features:

    • Surprises: The developer promises unexpected twists and turns throughout the game.
    • Multiple platforms: Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles.
    • Price: Considered the definitive version of the original Alisa and priced accordingly.


    • Retro style: While nostalgic, the fixed camera angles and tank controls might feel outdated to some players.
  • Horror elements: May not be suitable for everyone, especially younger audiences.
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