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American Fugitive is a top-down, open-world action game for PC inspired by classic titles like Grand Theft Auto. Here's a rundown of what you can expect:

Story and Setting:

  • You play as William "WJ" Carter, a former convict wrongly accused of his father's murder.
  • Set in the fictional Redrock County in the 1980s, the game captures the vibe of classic cop dramas and action movies of that era.
  • Your objective is to clear your name by uncovering the real culprit while navigating the criminal underworld.


  • American Fugitive offers a sandbox experience. You can freely roam the open world, complete missions for various characters, engage in police chases, or simply explore.
  • Missions involve a variety of activities like stealing cars, participating in races, and taking down enemies.
  • The game emphasizes a "grounded" approach. You're not a superhero; resourcefulness and planning your actions are key to success.
  • The police are persistent and will relentlessly pursue you if you commit crimes. You'll need to evade them strategically or use disguises to blend in.

Key Features:

  • Top-down perspective: Provides a good view of the surroundings and allows for tactical gameplay.
  • Open world exploration: Explore a detailed world with different districts, each with its own atmosphere.
  • Mission variety: Engage in diverse missions that range from stealthy infiltration to action-packed shootouts.
  • Police chases: Experience intense chases with the police, featuring roadblocks, helicopters, and spike strips.
  • Disguises: Use disguises to avoid suspicion and infiltrate restricted areas.
  • 80s aesthetic: Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the 1980s with period-accurate visuals and a synth-heavy soundtrack.
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