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Beat Cop on PC is a retro, pixel art style adventure game inspired by 1980s cop shows. You take on the role of Jack Kelly, a former detective who has been framed for murder. Downgraded to a beat cop on the tough streets of Brooklyn, you'll be dealing with everyday situations while secretly trying to clear your name.

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Story and Setting:

  • Unravel the conspiracy: Framed for a crime you didn't commit, Jack Kelly navigates the corrupt underbelly of Brooklyn to find the truth. The story is non-linear, with your choices impacting the narrative and leading to multiple endings.
  • 1980s atmosphere: The game captures the gritty feel of 80s cop shows with its visuals, soundtrack, and dark humor.


  • Beat cop duties: Patrol your assigned area, write tickets, deal with drunkards and delinquents, and make some tough calls.
  • Moral choices: The game presents you with moral dilemmas throughout. Will you take bribes, turn a blind eye to certain crimes, or uphold the law even when it's difficult?
  • Investigation: As you uncover clues about your framing, you'll delve deeper into the criminal underworld, interacting with informants and navigating dangerous situations.

Overall, Beat Cop on PC offers a unique blend of police work, detective noir, and dark humor. The pixel art style and 80s atmosphere create a distinct world to explore, while the non-linear story and moral choices keep the gameplay engaging.

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