How Many Hours is Wartales?

How Many Hours is Wartales?

Wartales is a medieval fantasy turn and squad-based RPG that offers players the freedom to create their war band in any way they choose. Each member of the war band has a class with a wide range of options, making it challenging to determine the best builds for each class. In this guide, we will explore the best builds for each class in Wartales, providing you with a starting point for your own experimentation and customization.

Archer Builds in Wartales

Archers are valuable members of any party as they can provide support from long distances and offer utility in various situations. While there are different approaches to building an Archer, the following builds have proven to be effective:

Level 2: Valorous Support

  • This specialization allows your Archer to gain Valor when they are next to an ally, which is a logical choice for an Archer who should stay near their team.

Level 3: Infantryman

  • This specialization costs two Valor but is excellent for hitting multiple targets and slowing down enemy advances.

Level 5: Reinforced Arrows

  • As Archers benefit from a high Critical Rate, adding bleeding on critical hits doubles down on their damage potential.

Level 8: Easy Prey

  • This specialization increases damage against individual (non-adjacent) targets, which pairs well with the Infantryman specialization.

Level 10: Anticipation

  • This skill serves as a get-out-of-jail-free card for your Archer when they are unable to avoid close contact.

Level 12: Suppressive Fire

  • This specialization provides excellent area-of-effect damage and crowd control, making it a versatile choice for your Archer.

Brute Builds in Wartales

Brutes excel in dealing all-out damage and are particularly effective when equipped with two-handed weapons. Here are some recommended builds for Brutes:

Level 2: Vanguard

  • This specialization grants your Brute the Relentless Charge skill, which allows them to disengage, gain extra movement, deal area-of-effect damage, and apply Slowdown, all in one go.

Level 3: Valorous Chain

  • This specialization is effective when your Brute has a weapon that hits multiple targets, as it grants one Valor for each hit on multiple enemies. If you prefer a different approach, Valorous Duel (gaining Valor when entering combat) is also a viable option.

Level 5: Opportunism

  • This passive skill provides Protection if multiple enemies are nearby, which is likely in most battles.

Level 8: Guard Breaker

  • This specialization allows your Brute to ignore 50% of the enemy's guard, making them formidable against well-armored opponents.

Level 10: Intervention

  • This skill can be a lifesaver in battle situations where your Brute needs to disengage from an engagement that they shouldn't be in. If you didn't choose Vanguard at Level 2, Defensive Ripost is a good alternative as it provides a 50% chance to hit a target on a Disengage.

Level 12: Class Specialization

  • At Level 12, you can choose a specialization from an earlier skill that you may have missed. Both Temperance and Cruelty are viable options for your Brute.

Ranger Builds in Wartales

Rangers are essential for success in Wartales, as they provide significant damage from back attacks and offer various utility abilities. Here are some recommended builds for Rangers:

Level 2: Valorous Audacity

  • This specialization rewards your Ranger for being in the right position, next to an enemy but not engaged. It is a straightforward choice for any Ranger build.

Level 3: Any/All

  • There are no wrong choices at this level, as each specialization offers different utilities. However, Poisoner is a recommended option, as it provides an area-of-effect damage over time, which is invaluable in tougher battles.

Level 5: Poisoned Weapon

  • Doubling down on the Poison effects can be highly effective, as they stack. However, Deadly Contract is also an excellent choice, as it applies Fragility to a nearby unit, making it easier to defeat them on the next turn.

Level 8: Cold Blooded

  • This specialization provides a 20% bonus to damage from behind, which is where your Ranger should aim to be at all times.

Level 10: Unstoppable

  • While situational, this skill can be a game-changer in certain battles. It allows your Ranger to move through enemies, making it easier to position yourself behind them.

Level 12: Decisive Maneuver

  • If your Ranger is the quickest unit in your team, this skill provides a second attack at the end of the round. If you have multiple Rangers, give the slower ones the Class Specialization and choose another Level 8 skill for them.

Spearman Builds in Wartales

Spearman are valuable assets in battlefields with multiple enemies, as they can plug holes and slow down enemy advances. Here are some recommended builds for Spearman:

Level 2: Valorous Support

  • This specialization allows your Spearman to gain Valor when they end their turn next to an ally, which is where they should always be positioned.

Level 3: Spear Wall

  • This specialization works similarly to the Infantryman specialization for Archers, targeting an area and hitting anyone who enters it while also stopping them. However, if you prefer to diversify your counter-attacking skills, Harpooner provides a powerful area-of-effect attack with Bleeding.

Level 5: Team Spirit

  • This specialization synergizes with Valorous Support, providing Brutality if your Spearman is next to an ally, which increases their damage by 30%.

Level 8: Preparedness

  • This specialization provides immunity to bleeding, poison, and burning, which reduces the effects of status ailments in battle.

Level 10: Alacrity

  • This skill provides a 40% chance for your Spearman to avoid incoming ranged and area-of-effect attacks. As they should never engage in combat, these are the only types of attacks they are likely to face, making this skill highly valuable.

Level 12: Condemn

  • While situational, this skill allows your Spearman to deal significant damage to a target and grant five Valor to whoever takes down that target. It can be a game-changer in certain scenarios, but if you missed out on an earlier skill, prioritize that instead.

Swordsman Builds in Wartales

Swordsmen serve as tanks in Wartales, absorbing damage while allowing your DPS party members to focus on dealing damage. Here are some recommended builds for Swordsmen:

Level 2: Fighter

  • This specialization grants the Destabilizing Strike skill, which reduces the target's guard to zero. If you prefer a tankier approach, you can choose Protector instead.

Level 3: Valorous Duel

  • This specialization provides your Swordsman with Valor every time they enter combat, which is frequent in Wartales. Defensive Stance (gaining Valor for being engaged and Deflection) and Valorous Chain (gaining Valor for hitting multiple enemies at once) are also viable alternatives.

Level 5: Counter-attack

  • This specialization grants a free attack against the engaged opponent the first time they hit your Swordsman. Alternatively, Bulwark provides Deflection in the next round, significantly reducing incoming damage.

Level 8: Hardcore Training

  • This specialization grants immunity to bleeding, poison, and burning, eliminating the need to worry about status effects in battle.

Level 10: Intervention

  • This skill functions similarly to Unstoppable for Brutes, making it valuable in battle situations where your Swordsman needs to disengage from an engagement.

Level 12: Exhort

  • This specialization grants Zeal to all nearby units for two rounds, increasing their critical chance and damage by 30%.

Warrior Builds in Wartales

Warriors are highly versatile and capable of dealing massive damage while engaging enemies in close combat. Here are some recommended builds for Warriors:

Level 2: Berserker

  • This specialization grants the Rampage skill, allowing your Warrior to deal triple damage on their next hit and gain Fury, which doubles their damage on the following attack.

Level 3: Valorous Duel

  • This specialization provides Valor every time your Warrior engages an enemy, which aligns with their role of mowing down enemies. Defensive Stance (gaining Valor for being engaged and Deflection) and Valorous Chain (gaining Valor for hitting multiple enemies at once) are also viable options.

Level 5: Recklessness

  • This specialization grants an additional 150% damage on your Warrior's first hit in each fight, resulting in devastating one-hit kills when combined with Berserker.

Level 8: Battle Cry

  • This specialization grants Brutality to your Warrior and nearby allies for two rounds, increasing their damage by 30%. If you have multiple Warriors, consider mixing things up with Challenging Shout, which draws enemies to your Warrior and applies Fragility, increasing their damage taken by 30%.

Level 10: Alacrity

  • Providing a 40% chance to avoid incoming area-of-effect and ranged attacks, this skill is valuable for your frontline troops, especially when closing in on archers.

Level 12: Daredevil

  • This specialization grants Frenzy for three rounds, guaranteeing critical hits and bonus damage if your Warrior has lost any health. It is an excellent skill to have in any situation.

In conclusion, the best builds for each class in Wartales provide a starting point for your experimentation and customization. While these builds have been proven effective, it is important to consider your party's makeup, size, and individual preferences. Don't be afraid to experiment and modify your class builds as your party grows and the needs of the group change. Remember to save often and make adjustments based on the performance of your characters. Good luck on your journey in the harsh world of Wartales!