Is Callisto Protocol Worth It?

Is Callisto Protocol Worth It?

The Callisto Protocol, developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton, is a highly anticipated survival horror video game set to release in 2022. Directed by Glen Schofield, the creator of the Dead Space series, The Callisto Protocol is often considered a spiritual successor to the beloved franchise. With its immersive gameplay and atmospheric storytelling, many gamers are wondering if The Callisto Protocol is worth playing. In this article, we will delve into the details and explore whether or not The Callisto Protocol is truly worth the investment.


Survival horror games have always captivated players with their intense gameplay, terrifying atmospheres, and gripping narratives. The Callisto Protocol aims to deliver a similar experience, drawing inspiration from the iconic Dead Space series. But does it live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Is The Callisto Protocol an Open World Game?

No, The Callisto Protocol is not an open-world game. It is a linear storytelling experience that focuses on delivering a gory and atmospheric survival horror adventure. The game's narrative unfolds through a predetermined path, allowing players to immerse themselves in a carefully crafted and suspenseful storyline.

Is Callisto Protocol a Linear Game?

Yes, The Callisto Protocol is a linear game. It offers a focused and tightly designed experience, guiding players through a predetermined sequence of events. The game's linear nature allows for a more controlled and immersive storytelling experience, reminiscent of classic horror films.

Is Callisto Protocol Like Dark Souls?

While The Callisto Protocol shares some similarities with Dark Souls in terms of its melee combat mechanics, it is not a direct comparison. The game's combat system requires players to focus on dodging and evading enemy attacks before launching their own counterattacks, similar to the gameplay mechanics found in Dark Souls. However, The Callisto Protocol primarily focuses on survival horror elements and storytelling, distinguishing it from the challenging and high-fantasy gameplay of Dark Souls.

Is Callisto Protocol as Good as Dead Space?

Comparing The Callisto Protocol to Dead Space is inevitable, considering Glen Schofield's involvement in both projects. While The Callisto Protocol aims to be a spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, it's essential to approach it as a unique experience. Dead Space is widely regarded as an exceptional survival horror franchise, known for its innovative gameplay mechanics and immersive atmosphere. Whether or not The Callisto Protocol can match the quality and impact of Dead Space remains to be seen. However, it is worth noting that The Callisto Protocol has its own distinct storyline and setting, offering a fresh take on the genre.

Is The Callisto Protocol Worth Playing Now?

As The Callisto Protocol is yet to be released, it is challenging to determine its worthiness without firsthand experience. However, based on the anticipation surrounding the game, its development team's pedigree, and the promises of a gripping survival horror experience, it certainly has the potential to be worth playing. Fans of the genre and those intrigued by the Dead Space series should keep an eye on The Callisto Protocol and consider giving it a chance upon its release.

Should I Get Dead Space or Callisto Protocol?

Deciding between Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol ultimately depends on personal preferences. Dead Space is an established franchise with a proven track record, offering a trilogy of critically acclaimed games. If you enjoy the classic Dead Space gameplay and want to experience the original series, it might be worth starting with Dead Space. On the other hand, if you're looking for a fresh take on the survival horror genre and are intrigued by The Callisto Protocol's premise and the involvement of Glen Schofield, then giving the upcoming game a try could be a worthwhile choice.

Why is The Callisto Protocol So Difficult?

The Callisto Protocol's difficulty stems from its intention to create a tense and challenging survival horror experience. The game presents players with limited resources, scarce ammunition, and relentless enemies, creating a sense of tension and vulnerability. The emphasis on strategic decision-making, careful resource management, and precise combat execution contributes to the game's difficulty. However, it is worth noting that the difficulty level can vary depending on individual player skill and experience with the genre.

Is Callisto Protocol Too Difficult?

The difficulty level of The Callisto Protocol can be subjective, as it varies from player to player. Some players may find the game's challenge to be rewarding and engaging, while others may perceive it as overly difficult or frustrating. It is essential to approach the game with an understanding of its survival horror nature, where limited resources and intense encounters are integral to the experience. If you enjoy challenging gameplay and immersive horror experiences, The Callisto Protocol's difficulty may be a desirable aspect.

Will Callisto Protocol Have a Second Game?

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding a potential sequel to The Callisto Protocol. The game's release and subsequent reception will likely influence any decision to develop a second installment. If The Callisto Protocol proves successful and garners a dedicated fanbase, it may increase the likelihood of a sequel. However, it is important to wait for official announcements or news regarding any potential future games in the franchise.

Is The Callisto Protocol Replayable?

The Callisto Protocol's replayability will depend on individual preferences and the game's design. While it is a linear storytelling experience, there may be factors that encourage replayability, such as multiple difficulty levels, hidden secrets, or alternative paths within the narrative. Additionally, if the game offers additional content, such as DLC or post-release updates, it could enhance replayability. However, until the game is released and its specific features are known, it is challenging to determine its overall replay value.

What Should I Play Before Callisto Protocol?

If you're looking to prepare for The Callisto Protocol or immerse yourself in similar survival horror experiences, there are several games you can consider playing. Here are a few notable recommendations:

  1. Dead Space Trilogy (2008-2013): The Dead Space series, created by Glen Schofield, serves as a significant inspiration for The Callisto Protocol. Playing through the original Dead Space trilogy can provide valuable context and an understanding of the gameplay mechanics and atmosphere that The Callisto Protocol aims to deliver.

  2. Alien: Isolation (2014): Alien: Isolation is a highly acclaimed survival horror game set in the iconic Alien universe. It offers a tense and atmospheric experience that shares similarities with The Callisto Protocol's focus on survival and horror elements.

  3. Outlast (2013): Outlast is a first-person survival horror game known for its intense atmosphere and psychological terror. It provides a unique perspective on the genre and can serve as a gripping precursor to The Callisto Protocol.

Playing these games can help familiarize yourself with the survival horror genre and provide a foundation for comparison and appreciation of The Callisto Protocol's unique qualities.

How Many Hours is a Full Game of Callisto Protocol?

The exact duration of a full playthrough of The Callisto Protocol will depend on various factors, including individual playstyle, exploration, and overall game design. However, Striking Distance Studios has stated that a standard run of the game can be expected to take approximately 12-14 hours. It is worth noting that this estimate may vary depending on the player's level of thoroughness and engagement with the game's world and optional content.

Is Callisto Protocol a Melee Game?

While The Callisto Protocol features melee combat mechanics, it is not solely focused on melee gameplay. The game offers a variety of combat options, including both melee and ranged weaponry, to provide players with strategic choices in dealing with enemies. The melee combat in The Callisto Protocol resembles the likes of Dark Souls, requiring players to prioritize evasion and timing before launching their own counterattacks

Why is Callisto Protocol Just Like Dead Space?

The Callisto Protocol draws inspiration from the Dead Space franchise, primarily due to the involvement of Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space. Both games share similarities in terms of their survival horror elements, atmospheric storytelling, and emphasis on strategic combat. However, The Callisto Protocol aims to offer its own unique take on the genre, with a distinct narrative, setting, and gameplay mechanics. While it may evoke nostalgic feelings for fans of Dead Space, it is important to approach The Callisto Protocol as a separate and independent experience.

Has The Callisto Protocol Flopped?

As of now, The Callisto Protocol has not been released, so it is incorrect to state that it has flopped. The success or failure of a video game can only be determined after its release and subsequent evaluation by players, critics, and sales figures. It is crucial to wait for official information and data before making any definitive statements regarding the game's success or failure.

What are the Flaws of Callisto Protocol?

Without the game being released, it is impossible to determine the specific flaws of The Callisto Protocol. Every game has its strengths and weaknesses, and it will be up to players and reviewers to assess and critique the game's flaws once it is available. Until then, it is important to approach the game with an open mind and wait for official feedback and reviews.

Can You Save Everyone in The Callisto Protocol?

In The Callisto Protocol, it is unlikely that you will be able to save every character you encounter. The game's survival horror nature often requires difficult choices and sacrifices, where not everyone may survive. The narrative and gameplay mechanics may determine the fate of certain characters, creating a sense of tension and consequence within the game's world.

Are There Puzzles in Callisto Protocol?

While The Callisto Protocol primarily focuses on survival horror elements and intense combat encounters, it is unclear whether the game will incorporate puzzles. Puzzles are a common feature in the survival horror genre, often adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience. However, until the game is released, it is challenging to determine the specific gameplay mechanics and features it will offer.

How Many Copies Did Callisto Protocol Sell?

As of now, The Callisto Protocol has not been released, so there is no information available regarding its sales figures. The success of the game in terms of sales will depend on various factors, including its critical reception, marketing efforts, and player interest. It will be interesting to see how The Callisto Protocol performs in the market once it is released.

What is the First Weapon in Callisto Protocol?

The first weapon players encounter in The Callisto Protocol is the Shiv. The Shiv is a melee weapon given to the player by Elias after escaping their cell in the Outbreak chapter. It serves as a versatile tool for close-quarters combat and can be used to defend against enemies in the early stages of the game.

Will Callisto Protocol Have Story DLC?

There are currently no official announcements regarding story DLC for The Callisto Protocol. Whether or not the game will receive additional content in the form of DLC or expansions will depend on its success, player demand, and the development team's plans. It is important to wait for official announcements or news regarding any potential DLC for The Callisto Protocol.