MLB The Show 22: realistic baseball simulator

MLB The Show 22: realistic baseball simulator

MLB The Show 22: realistic baseball simulator

Every year we have the release of a new MLB The Show, and this time the 2022 game has arrived with good news overall. Between a game similar to the previous one and its innovations, I left my impressions by playing good hours of the game. MLB The Show 22 is a multiplatform baseball simulator from Sony's Studio San Diego.


Once you launch MLB The Show 22 for the first time, you will be greeted with an intuitive menu and settings that will allow you to customize the gaming experience to suit you. You will be able to adjust a lot of adjustments individually, from the way you hit to the way you throw each shot. The truth is that I was surprised to see all these accessibility options and how well they work, particularly with new players.

In fact, I'll tell you once and for all that this game does a great job of introducing you to each of its mechanics. So new players will have a fairly smooth introductory experience without much hassle. Of course, there are also options to disable all of these aids, to make the interface completely invisible, something veterans of the franchise might want to try. Regardless of your preferred playstyle, MLB The Show 22 won't penalize you in any way, so feel comfortable playing however you feel like it.

Once you're done with all the tutorials and introductory sequences, you'll be free to explore each of the game modes here. We've got four main modes and a dozen additional modes, so there's plenty of content. Some of these modes have unique features, while others you could consider as simple revisions of others. Be that as it may, there is something for all types of players.

Additionally, MLB The Show 22 now features a more extensive customization system. Depending on whether you're a hitter or a pitcher, you'll be able to choose different perks for your character that increase your stats like speed, accuracy, stamina, and more. These perks are divided into categories of bronze, silver, and gold. Obviously, the latter is the best of the three and the one that offers the most benefits. You'll be able to unlock more perks by leveling up and through card packs.

Obviously, you also have other traditional game modes like the classic exhibition matches, Retro mode, Legends mode, and much more. When it comes to new additions, you have the online co-op mode, which will allow you to play 2v2, 3v3, and even Diamond Dynasty matches.


I think that MLB games have always stood out for their incredible graphics and MLB The Show 22 is obviously no exception. MLB The Show 22 has focused on polishing its graphics, which is very good. Its previous installment was quite revolutionary in terms of graphics of the franchise, and this new installment benefits from simply improving some details.


With stunning graphics, sensational controls, and a diverse catalog of game modes, MLB The Show 22 is another strong installment in this saga that Sony San Diego has been perfecting little by little for years. There is still a long way to go, but with each new release, you can feel how the franchise is evolving, even if these advances are not that significant.

Fans of the sport will find great value in everything this game has to offer, but what about new players? As I already mentioned, the wide accessibility options allow anyone, even without much knowledge about baseball, to enter it without too many problems. But veterans have not been forgotten either, and they will also find their own settings to customize the gaming experience as you see fit.


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