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Book of Hours is a narrative crafting RPG set in a hauntingly beautiful world. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Setting and Story

  • You play as the last librarian of a crumbling occult library by a cold sea.
  • The library’s collection of rare grimoires and arcane artifacts was destroyed in a fire.
  • You must rebuild the collection and uncover the secrets of the library and the hidden world it connects to.
  • The game takes place in a 1930s-inspired world with a hidden layer of occult activity and forgotten gods.


  • The core gameplay revolves around acquiring and investigating occult books and artifacts.
  • You’ll use esoteric tools, craft inks and conduct rituals to delve deeper into the mysteries.
  • The game features nine Wisdoms to study and nine Elements of the Soul to conquer, hinting at a system of character development.
  • You’ll also encounter visitors seeking your help with their own occult investigations. Solving their problems grants you rewards.


  • Book of Hours is praised for its rich atmosphere and unique narrative crafting mechanics.
  • If you enjoyed games like Cultist Simulator and Sunless Sea by the same developer, you’ll likely find Book of Hours engaging.
  • Be aware that the game doesn’t hold your hand – part of the experience is figuring out the rules and the world itself as you play.

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