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Cities: Skylines Mayor's Edition is a comprehensive bundle that includes the base game and all of the major expansions, DLC, and content packs released for the city-building simulation game. This edition is packed with content, giving players everything they need to create a thriving and dynamic metropolis.

Key Features

  • Detailed City Management: Take on the role of a city mayor and manage a wide range of aspects of your urban landscape, including zoning, transportation, education, healthcare, and more.

  • Vast Variety of Buildings: Construct a diverse cityscape with over 350 unique buildings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and civic structures.

  • Dynamic Traffic System: Design and maintain an efficient transportation network to keep your citizens moving and avoid traffic congestion.

  • Challenging Environmental Factors: Face the challenges of natural disasters like floods, fires, and blizzards, and take proactive measures to protect your city.

  • Moddable and Customizable: Engage with a vibrant community of modders and create your own unique content, adding even more depth and variety to your city-building experience.

Included Content

  • Cities: Skylines (Base Game)

  • Parklife Expansion Pack

  • Mass Transit Expansion Pack

  • Natural Disasters Expansion Pack

  • Snowfall Expansion Pack

  • Green Cities Expansion Pack

  • European Suburbia Content Creator Pack

  • Downtown Bundle

  • Financial Districts Bundle

  • Hotels & Retreats Bundle

  • Cities Upgrade Bundle

  • Industries DLC

Additional Features

  • Enhanced Graphics and Performance: Experience the game with improved graphics and performance across various platforms.

  • Cross-Platform Play: Share your cities with friends on other platforms (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S).

  • Content Creator Program: Download and use creations from the community, including custom buildings, parks, and transportation networks.

  • Mod Support: Modify the game's code to create your own unique experiences and add new features.

The Cities: Skylines Mayor's Edition is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the ultimate city-building experience. With its comprehensive content, detailed management mechanics, and vibrant community, this edition provides endless hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels.

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