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The Dead by Daylight - Stranger Things Chapter DLC is an add-on content pack for the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight. It injects a dose of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things into the game, introducing new characters, a map, and some exclusive cosmetic items.

Content of the Stranger Things Chapter DLC:

  • New Map - The Underground Complex: This map is set beneath Hawkins National Laboratory, the secretive government facility from the show. Expect a dark and suspenseful atmosphere filled with recognizable locations from the series.
  • New Killer - The Demogorgon: This terrifying creature serves as the new killer in the game. It utilizes its agility and brutal attacks to hunt down survivors.
  • New Survivors - Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington: Two fan-favorite characters from Stranger Things join the game as playable survivors. They come with their own unique perks to aid them in escaping the Demogorgon.
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Items: The DLC includes two exclusive cosmetic items for Nancy and Steve. These include Steve's ripped sleeves and Nancy's torn sweatshirt, replicating their outfits from the show.

What to expect with the Stranger Things Chapter DLC:

  • Fresh Encounters: The Demogorgon's unique abilities and the Underground Complex map provide players with a new and exciting gameplay experience.
  • The Upside Down Vibe: The DLC faithfully captures the atmosphere and horror elements from Stranger Things, allowing you to experience the show from a whole new perspective.
  • Teamwork and Strategy: As with the core Dead by Daylight experience, survivors will need to work together strategically to avoid the Demogorgon and escape the map.
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