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Features of Electrician Simulator

    • Realistic electrical work: Electrician Simulator features a realistic electrical system that allows you to work on a variety of electrical tasks, including:
      • Installing and repairing sockets, light bulbs, chandeliers, and other electrical devices
      • Laying wires and connecting them to terminals
      • Troubleshooting and fixing electrical problems
      • Using a variety of electrical tools and equipment, such as multimeters, screwdrivers, and wire strippers
    • Variety of missions and customers: Electrician Simulator offers a variety of missions and customers to choose from, each with its own unique challenges. You'll be working on electrical systems in homes, businesses, and even factories.

    • Your own workshop: Electrician Simulator gives you your own workshop where you can store your tools and equipment, and work on electrical projects. You can also customize your workshop to your liking.

    • Business management: In addition to electrical work, Electrician Simulator also includes elements of business management. You'll need to manage your finances, hire employees, and grow your business.

    • Smart devices: Electrician Simulator includes a variety of smart devices that you can install and configure for your customers. This includes smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart security systems.

Additional features

  • Electrician Simulator - Smart Devices: This DLC adds a variety of new missions and challenges to the game, focused on installing and configuring smart devices for customers.
  • Endless mode: This mode allows you to practice your electrical skills and experiment with different electrical systems without any time limits.
  • Educational content: Electrician Simulator includes a variety of educational content that can teach you about the basics of electrical work. This is great for players who are interested in learning more about electricity or who are considering a career as an electrician.

Overall, Electrician Simulator is a comprehensive and realistic electrical simulator that offers a variety of features and content to keep players entertained.

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