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Gal*Gun 2 for PC is a light-gun shooter game with a heavy dose of fanservice. Here's a rundown of what you can expect:


  • You play as a hapless student who has become irresistible to every girl in school, thanks to a demon infestation.
  • Instead of chocolates and roses, these girls attack you with love confessions and physical affection.
  • Your weapon? A special "Pheromone Shot" gun that you use to fend them off and dispel the demons possessing them with your gadgets like the "Demon Sweeper."
  • The core gameplay involves shooting these love-struck girls with your Pheromone Shot to stun them and then using your gadgets to suck out the demons in a somewhat suggestive manner.
  • There are different types of attacks and gadgets to use, and the goal is to progress through the school environment completing missions and avoiding getting overwhelmed by your admirers.


  • Be aware that Gal*Gun 2 is known for its ecchi (suggestive) humor and fanservice elements. This includes scantily clad characters and situations that are meant to be arousing.
  • The story is light-hearted and comedic, focusing on the protagonist's struggle to avoid a mob of infatuated girls.
  • There are multiple endings to unlock depending on your choices throughout the game.

Additional Notes:

  • The PC version supports VR (Virtual Reality), adding another dimension to the gameplay (pun intended).
  • The game received mixed reviews. Some players appreciate the unique concept and light-hearted humor, while others find the fanservice excessive.

Overall, Gal*Gun 2 for PC is a niche game with a focus on unconventional shooter mechanics and ecchi humor. Consider your tolerance for such content before diving in.

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