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Fall of Light: Darkest Edition on PC is a story-driven dungeon crawler RPG set in a world engulfed by darkness. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

Story and Setting:

  • You play as Nyx, an aged warrior tasked with protecting his daughter Aether.
  • Together, you journey through treacherous dungeons and a desolate overworld to reach the last bastion of sunlight.
  • The narrative unfolds cryptically, encouraging exploration and piecing together the world's lore through environmental details and cryptic encounters.


  • Fall of Light draws inspiration from titles like Dark Souls and ICO.
  • Combat is challenging and requires strategic use of close-range weapons, crossbows, shields, and positioning.
  • You can choose your preferred fighting style and strategically navigate environments to overcome enemies.
  • Aether plays a vital role. She acts as a beacon of light that can reveal hidden passages and may even influence enemy behavior. Keeping her safe is crucial.

Exploration and Atmosphere:

  • The world is shrouded in darkness, creating a tense and oppressive atmosphere.
  • Exploration is highly encouraged. Uncovering hidden secrets and lore requires delving into every nook and cranny.
  • Puzzles and traps add another layer of challenge as you navigate the dungeons.

Overall, Fall of Light on PC offers a challenging and atmospheric dungeon crawler experience with a focus on narrative exploration and protecting your companion, Aether. If you enjoy titles like Dark Souls and ICO, and are looking for a cryptic and rewarding adventure, Fall of Light might be a good fit.

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