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Her Majesty's Ship is a resource management game available for the Nintendo Switch that puts you in the captain's chair of a Royal Navy vessel during the 18th century. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:


  • You'll start your career as a captain on a modest "3rd rate Ship of the Line" and strive for an illustrious naval career, ultimately aiming for the prestigious rank of Admiral of the Fleet.
  • Your primary objective is to keep your crew happy, your ship seaworthy, and avoid mutiny while fulfilling your assigned missions. This involves a mix of tasks:
    • Resource Management: Manage supplies like food, medicine, and ammunition to keep your crew healthy and well-equipped.
    • Crew Management: Maintain order and morale by addressing crew needs and keeping discipline.
    • Ship Maintenance: Ensure your vessel is in good repair to stay afloat and battle-ready.
    • Naval Combat: Engage in tactical ship-to-ship battles against enemy vessels. (Reviews indicate the combat system might be less fleshed out compared to other aspects)

Setting and Tone:

  • The game immerses you in the historical setting of the 18th-century Royal Navy, complete with period-appropriate ships and challenges.
  • Reviews suggest the experience can be quite demanding due to the focus on micromanagement and complex resource juggling.

Overall, Her Majesty's Ship offers a unique strategy experience for Switch players who enjoy historical settings and resource management challenges. However, be aware of the potentially overwhelming micromanagement aspects before diving in.

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