Lords of the Fallen Completionist Bundle PS5/XBOX/PC

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List of all trophies that are easily achieved with this bundle:

All items included in the bundle:

204/212 Weapons (All Max Level)

320/327 Armour (Define your characters look at the start of the game)

21/22 pendants (you’ll receive all damage type pendants so you can use any build you want)

61/63 (you’ll receive all damage type rings so you can use any build you want)

Nearly All Rune types (add more damage to your builds)

All consumables

All Upgrade Materials

Max Healing Vial and Umbral Lamp

Enough Vigor for max level after recent patch

Below are all trophies you can easily obtain with this bundle:

Weapon Collector - you get 204/212 needed for the trophy at the start of the game

Ironclad - you get 320/327 needed for the trophy at the start of the game
Trinket Collector - you get 61/63 rings and 21/22 pendants at the start of the game 
Salvation in Blood - you can get this trophy after the first major bossfight
Honed to Perfection - you can get this trophy as soon as you've rescued the blacksmith NPC (quest line for another trophy)
Rune Novice - you can get this while doing the blacksmith quest line, once you've obtained the rune tablets
Rune Master - you can get this while doing the blacksmith quest line, once you've obtained the rune tablets
Carving Out Victory - you get this trophy right after the first major bossfight
Utmost Insight - just collect 3 umbral eyes and slot them in the lamp after obtaining Carving Out Victory
Seasoned - you need to level up 100 times, so you will get this because you get enough xp for level 2000+

This will honestly make your platinum journey way more enjoyable, less tedious and a breeze to get.

More detailed description on what I’m selling:

This bundle is great for trophy hunters as I've already done all the hard work for you. So you can just enjoy the game without having to worry about collecting all 212 weapons, 327 armour, 63 rings and 22 pendants. All you will have to do is obtain 8 more weapons, 7 more armour pieces, 2 rings and 1 pendant for the collector trophies. These are easily the most tedious trophies to get as Weapon Collector and Ironclad require enemy armour and weapons some of these are extremely low drop rate, some can up to 1-2hours of farming just to get the item to drop. I've already collected all these items for you so just play the game while going for all endings, side quests and bossfights and these trophies will pop naturally from playing.

You will also receive max level at the start of the game which just makes the game a cake walk add in the 16000 Heavenly vials which fully restore health and mana, as well as all my max level weapons. So if you usually don't go for souls like platinum trophies because of the difficulty you have nothing to worry about because you can just tank through bosses and deal huge amounts of damage.

Also you will get every consumable and upgrade materials in the game those are the following: 250000 Replete Vigor Skulls (250000x3200xp), 10000+ weapon upgrade materials(small, medium, large and chunks), All Saintly Quintessence(max out your healing vial after first major boss), Antediluvian Chisel(max out your umbral lamp after first major boss), 10000+ Umbral Scourings(used to buy boss weapons and armour), 16000 Heavenly vials, 5 vestige seeds, lot of different runes, 5000 vestige moths and so much more(see photos for everything included)

If you have any questions or would like to know more about my listing shoot me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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