Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Endpoint Configuration Manager GLOBAL

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System Center Virtual Machine Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCVMM and SCCM for short) is actually a combination of two separate tools from Microsoft's System Center suite, used for managing virtualized environments and deploying/managing devices. Here's a breakdown:

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM): This tool focuses on managing virtual machines (VMs) within your datacenter. It allows you to:

    • Provision and deploy VMs: Create new VMs, configure them, and deploy them to your chosen hypervisor (like Hyper-V or VMware).
    • Manage VM lifecycle: Perform operations like starting, stopping, migrating, and cloning VMs.
    • Automate VM tasks: Set up automated workflows for VM provisioning, deployment, and management.
    • Monitor VM health: Keep track of VM performance and resource usage.
  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM): This tool, now part of the Endpoint Manager suite, focuses on managing devices (desktops, laptops, servers) on your network. It allows you to:

    • Deploy operating systems and applications: Remotely install Windows or other OSes and applications on your devices.
    • Patch management: Automatically deploy security patches and updates to keep your devices secure.
    • Inventory and asset management: Track hardware and software inventory across your devices.
    • Remote control: Access and control devices remotely for troubleshooting purposes.

While they are separate tools, they can be used together for a more comprehensive management solution. For instance, you can use SCVMM to provision and deploy VMs with SCCM pre-installed for easier device management.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Combined Name: Since SCCM is now part of Endpoint Manager, the full name might not be commonly used anymore. You might just hear them referred to individually or as "System Center suite".
  • Licensing: Both SCVMM and SCCM require separate licensing for managing servers and devices.

If you're looking to manage virtual environments and deploy/manage devices within your organization, then understanding the capabilities of SCVMM and SCCM can be helpful.

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