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Urbek City Builder is a city-building game with a twist on the genre. Here's a breakdown of what makes it unique:

Resource Management:

  • Unlike many city builders, Urbek ditches currency. Instead, you focus on managing over 30 different resources like food, coal, and skilled labor to construct buildings and keep your city functioning.
  • Careful planning is crucial to avoid resource depletion. You'll need to build resource-generating structures and consider the long-term sustainability of your city.

Strategic Building Placement:

  • Buildings have varied requirements, not just resources. Their placement relative to other buildings matters.
  • Certain combinations can unlock upgrades for your structures, creating a puzzle-like element to city development.
  • This focus on thoughtful placement adds depth to the city-building experience.

Focus on Population:

  • The well-being and education of your citizens are important factors.
  • Educated citizens can build more efficient structures, allowing your city to grow and thrive.
  • You'll need to balance resource allocation to ensure your population's needs are met.

Additional Features:

  • The game offers multiple biomes to choose from, each with its own challenges and opportunities.
  • There's no money involved, but a "satisfaction" rating reflects your city's overall health and happiness.
  • Urbek City Builder also features a free prologue version on Steam if you'd like to try it before you buy it.

Overall, Urbek City Builder offers a fresh take on the city-building genre, emphasizing resource management, strategic placement, and citizen well-being. It's a game for players who enjoy a thoughtful and strategic city-building experience.

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