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Weedcraft Inc is a business simulation game for PC and consoles, released in 2019, that dives into the world of cannabis production and distribution in the United States.

Here's a breakdown of the game:


  • You play as an entrepreneur aiming to build a weed empire, navigating the legal and moral complexities of the cannabis industry in the US.


  • Focuses on strategy and management.
  • You'll cultivate various cannabis strains, manage grow operations, and establish a distribution network.
  • The game explores the financial aspects alongside the political and cultural debates surrounding cannabis.

Key Features:

  • Breeding and cultivation: Grow different weed strains, experimenting with crossbreeding to develop unique variations.
  • Business management: Balance finances, manage resources, and expand your operations.
  • Choices and consequences: Navigate the legal landscape, considering the potential risks and rewards of operating in a grey market or transitioning to a fully legal business.
  • Story and characters: The game offers different scenarios with unique characters you'll interact with or compete against.


Weedcraft Inc offers a strategic perspective on the cannabis industry, avoiding glamorization and instead presenting a thought-provoking experience on a controversial topic.

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