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WWE 2K23: Icon Edition is the premium version of the professional wrestling video game WWE 2K23. Here's what it entails:

Base Game Content:

  • You get the full WWE 2K23 game, allowing you to play various game modes like career mode, online matches, and universe mode.
  • It includes the entire roster of playable WWE Superstars and Legends as of the game's launch date.

Icon Edition Bonus Content:

  • Deluxe Edition Bonus Content: This is included within the Icon Edition. It provides several in-game perks such as:
    • Early access to the game, typically a few days before the standard edition release.
    • A collection of bonus playable characters that might not be available in the base game roster.
    • Increased virtual currency (VC) to use within the game's purchase system for items like character customization options or entrance moves.
    • Accelerator for in-game progression, which can give you a boost in earning rewards.
  • Ruthless Aggression Pack: This is the exclusive part of the Icon Edition. It adds playable versions of legendary wrestlers from the Ruthless Aggression Era of WWE, which ran from the early 2000s to mid-2000s. This allows you to play as iconic wrestlers from that period who might not be included in the base game roster.

Overall, WWE 2K23 Icon Edition is ideal for fans who want the most out of the game. You get early access, bonus characters, additional in-game currency, and the ability to play as legendary wrestlers from the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • The specific Ruthless Aggression Era wrestlers included might not be revealed until closer to the game's release.
  • There might be other editions of the game available, such as a standard edition with just the base game, or a Deluxe Edition with the early access, bonus characters, and VC but without the Ruthless Aggression Pack.
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