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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Enterprise is a software program designed for businesses to create a collaborative workspace on their own servers, rather than using a cloud-based solution. Here's a breakdown of its key features and benefits:

Core Functionality:

  • Document Management: SharePoint excels at storing, organizing, and sharing documents and files. Teams can collaborate on projects and easily access the latest versions.
  • Content Management: It goes beyond documents, allowing creation of custom websites, wikis, and other content repositories within your organization's network.
  • Communication and Collaboration: SharePoint fosters teamwork through features like discussion boards, task management tools, and integration with other Microsoft Office applications.

Benefits of Enterprise Edition:

  • Scalability and Security: Designed for large organizations, it can handle significant amounts of data and users while providing robust security features to control access and protect sensitive information.
  • Customization: Offers greater flexibility to customize workflows, automate processes, and integrate with existing business applications.
  • Project Management: Enables advanced project management capabilities through integration with Project Server 2019 (additional license required).

Things to Consider:

  • On-Premises vs Cloud: SharePoint Server requires installation and maintenance on your own IT infrastructure, unlike cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365.
  • Cost: Involves upfront licensing costs and ongoing maintenance expenses for your IT team.
  • Complexity: Setting up and managing SharePoint Server requires technical expertise.

Overall, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Enterprise is a powerful tool for organizations that need a feature-rich, on-premises collaboration platform with extensive customization options. However, it's important to weigh the cost, complexity, and need for in-house IT expertise against the benefits before making a decision.

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